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I have made some plugins for irssi, an irc client with perl scripting. For version numbers, open the wanted script in your browser and look at the first lines of the file.. the version number should be there.

  • - A regexp-based autoop plugin with persistent storage. Type /autoop help after loading for instructions. Deprecated, use instead, it rules :) (see below in the "Installation" section)
  • - a script for printing a kindof regular /names output, but boosted with color indicating whether users are away or not. Usage: /na. It doesn't currently fetch colouring info from the theme system so the colors are the same as I happened to have :) It is pretty easy to reconfigure the colors though, just look at the settings in the beginning of the script. If you succeed in adding theme support to this, please let me know (mailaddr on front page).

    17.02.2004: Now it colours ssl users that aren't away with bright cyan :)

  • - a script that automatically leaves a channel named #lobby whenever you join it - useful for ircnets that force-join you to channels on connect. The channel name can be easily changed.


To install a script, first do in your shell:

$ cd ~/.irssi/scripts
$ wget
$ cd autorun
$ ln -s ../ .

Then, in irssi, do:

/script load friends_peder

Since we made a link in the autorun directory, when you next time start irssi, it will be automatically loaded. The commands above avoids doing a restart just to try it out the first time.


To temporarily disable a script, do:

/script unload friends_peder


To permanently remove the script, in ADDITION TO THE ABOVE, in your shell do:

$ cd ~/.irssi/scripts
$ rm
$ cd autorun
$ rm