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Here I have listed some of the Linux kernel patches I have made. Feel free to use them. If you have any suggestions, feedback, etc, I'll be happy to receive them on .


Version 0.5.3 / 2.4.2 | 25.02.2001 | download diff.bz2 (21k)
Version 0.5.3 / 2.4.4 | 18.05.2001 | download diff.bz2 (25k)
Version 0.5.3 / 2.4.5 | 04.06.2001 | download diff.bz2 (20k)

As the original author of supermount stopped updating the patch (the latest one is for 2.4.0), I ported it to a bit newer releases. The issue was discussed in kernel-traffic. The 2.4.2 and 2.4.4 versions aren't very well tested, though. Mandrake attempted to rewrite the thing and released a 0.6.0 / 2.4.8 patch in their 8.1 release, but some people say it's buggy. Additionally Alan has some interesting "proof-of-concept" code named volumagic taking advantage of work done in newer kernels.

NOTE: I recently found out that a guy over at mandrake has versions available for 2.4.18-pre8, 2.4.18 and 2.4.19 out there:

Also find some installation instructions here (google search).