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Ircprint is a program for printing text to irc channels. It is aimed to be used for reporting stuff interesting to the users of a channel. My first use is to report what food is available at school every day at 10:59. Later I was thinking of maybe adding slashdot news, etc etc. The program reads everything from stdin, then dumps every line onto the selected channel, with a one second interval between each line.

Version history

Version 1.1 | 23.11.2000 | download source (5k)

Example usage:

echo 'Hello world' | ./ircprint testnick 'Test guy' '#testchannel'


Known bugs of version 1.1:

  • If the server disconnects, ircprint does not try to reconnect. Also, no alternative servers are supported at the moment.

Next version

Stuff that would be nice to have in the next version:

  • The delay between messages should be customizable.
  • Possibility to limit the amount of text output to avoid accidents

How to install & use

  • The program uses the botnet package to communicate with the irc server. Get it from, and install it.
  • After that, grab one of the versions above, copy the file over the examples/bot.c file, run make in that directory. This should result in an executable called bot.