Most important tools I use:

emacs screenshot


I use this for all most fixed-width text editing. Learning curve and usability comparable to car driving skills.. without the risks :) My configs are here.

perl screenshot


Scripting language. I use it daily for just about anything. The screenshot gives an idea of how far I can go in programming on the commandline before I take to copypasting it into emacs and saving it as a standalone script.. :)

irssi screenshot


IRC client with which I'm connected to IRCNet, quakenet, linknet, freenode, ambernet and more.. Here is some additional irssi stuff I use and/or made.

opera screenshot


Excellent web browser that I've been using since version 3.30 in Windows and 4.0b3 in Linux. I usually have some 100 tabs open. One of the few software I have registered. (Update) Nowadays I use Firefox instead..

snd screenshot


Brilliant emacs-like sound editor with emacs bindings, lisp and all that. Like emacs, it takes time to learn, but for lengthy audio manipulating sessions it saves you from the frustrating fumbling with the mouse. The display update speed is also remarkable. In the screenshot I created the marks by C-x C-m and marked the region between 1 and 2 simply by clicking somewhere left of 1, hitting C-j and C-x c. Without the mouse it could have been done worked by C-x j 1 Enter and C-x c.

thunderbird screenshot


Mail reader. I like the threaded view, the general layout and enigmail plugin which lets you use GPG seamlessly.


Window manager. I have a 1600x1200 desktop and 10x4 workspaces. It works based on lisp so I have naturally made heavy extensions to it. Among the most useful features I have added is window clipboard, automatic workspace selection for new windows, bare theme (0-1 pixel frame and usually no title bar)..


Movie player & encoder. It's quite buggy and not too good tolerance to bitstream errors.. but it works fine most of the time and I use it to encode movies I record from Digital TV.

xv screenshot


Image viewer. It's fast, it has some nice yet simple image editing features and is keyboard-friendly.

xmms screenshot


Audio player. Good audio drivers, low response time and nice size.


Unix shell. It has a lot of nice features for the commandline, but when I do shell scripting, I use bash or sh since that's a more valuable skill at work..

eclipse screenshot


Programming IDE. It's a swiss-army-knife if your machine can take it.. Plugins: XMLBuddy


Terminal. It's like rxvt, but a bit faster, and some nice extra features. See Perl screenshot.

gnuplot screenshot


Plotter. Nice for automated data plotting. I'm trying to replace Gnuplot with my plot program.

The Gimp

Drawing program.


A Better CD Encoder. I rip & encode all the cds I buy with this into vorbis format with quality 4.


A network protocol analyzer. I use this together with tcpdump to resolve why my firewall once again blocked some traffic.. :) And at work to figure out if the protocol implementations work..

eagle screenshot


A electronics layout editor. No simulation, but has a nice set of components and has powerful circuit board design tools.